Marketing Audit

Our marketing audit is a thorough assessment of your marketing plan, strategies, methods, and objectives. An audit is the only way to find out what is and what is not working in your marketing. Instantly after completion of the marketing audit you are able to take action and realign your marketing towards your marketing objectives.

A comprehensive marketing audit guides your overall marketing. So you can make decisions based on facts and information and improve your marketing performance.

Our marketing audit is confidential and discreet. We understand your concerns surrounding an audit; there are many moving parts and parties involved.

Our marketing audits are for midmarket and large organizations that use outsourced agencies or in-house marketing teams or a combination of the two.

Answer YES or NO to the following statements.

  • We want to know that our marketing budget is utilized effectively
  • We want our marketing efforts to aligned with your business objectives
  • We want to make sure our marketing is not wasteful

Reduce marketing spend + Increase value of marketing


Sales increase in 5 months

Sales increase in 9 months

Sales increase in 12 months

Cost savings in 3 months

“We were not getting results we were promised from our marketing efforts. We were frustrated and struggling to find somebody that would be honest and get things moving in the right direction and fast. From the very first contact with Alie, we knew we were in great hands. She came in and quickly helped us fix errors that were making us lose money every single month. And she created a solid strategy that we started implementing immediately. Within three months we had just about turned everything around and were on track with record numbers.”

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We only perform comprehensive marketing audits. We would be doing a disservice to you by conducting a narrow scope audit. Isolating marketing methods and attempting to fix just one thing, may result in no improvements because the bigger picture is blurry.

Marketing audits start at $25,000 and include the following steps:

Research and data collection


Report with recommendations